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Harris Paley Schone Solicitors Brighton Solicitors


9 St Georges Place Brighton, BN1 4GB
Categories: Legal Aid Solicitors  Criminal Solicitors 

About Harris Paley Schone Solicitors

We are one of the largest firms of Criminal solicitors in the Brighton Area. We specialize in all forms of Criminal work, including road traffic. We can represent you at the police station (24 hours service) in the Magistrates Court and at the Crown Court. If you are arrested or asked to attend the Police Station, we can represent you for free on most matters, either call 01273 600009 in office hours or our dedicated 24 hours telephone service on 0706 100 6009.

If you are charged or summonsed and have to go to Court in the Sussex area, we can help. You may be eligible for Legal Aid, which means our services would be free. We will help you to make a Legal Aid application.

Unfortunately Legal Aid does not cover most traffic offences, nor will you be covered in the Magistrates Court if your income is too great. We can advise as to the most cost effective way of defending your case. Our Fees are extremely reasonable and if you win your case, we can recover your costs from the Court.

Our Solicitors have all specialized in Criminal Law for many years, covering cases that range from Murder to Careless Driving and everything in between. We have specialist advocates in house, who  practice in the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. We are at Brighton Magistrates and the Lewes Crown Court on a daily basis.

We give free initial telephone advice. We can advise in writing for a small initial fee. If you have the misfortune to be arrested or summonsed, give us a call and see if we can help.

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All criminal matters that are prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Serviceincluding all motoring matters.

We can  act for you or your company, if you are being prosecuted for Benefit fraud, Housing Benefit fraud, RSPCA cases, fly tipping, Health and Safety cases, failing to send your child to school, criminal cases arising out of bankruptcy  and any other prosecution whereby you can appear in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court.

If you think we can help please contact us and we will do our best. Please note we can only give advice in relation to criminal matters. We are not qualified to give advice concerning family, housing, debt or any non criminal law matter.


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